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Sacred Hawaiian Hula Dance

Hula is a meditation-in-motion. It is the bodily expression of ALOHA: practicing a life of kindness, harmony, humility and perseverance. This language of movement is as soothing for the soul as it is a discipline for the body. Gentle and supportive for mature dancers as well. No experience necessary. Be our guest and come just watch. It is common on the islands to share hula with the community, inviting friends to come enjoy the aloha.

Schedule for Autumn 2022

- New Series for Beginners: Basic Hula Steps as interest dictates 

All levels hula: Thursdays 10:15am (indoors in studio) and Mondays at 5pm outdoors.   

- Pop up practices: some Saturday practices 1pm 

Thursday morning practices are held at the Smiley Building 1309 E. 3rd Ave, Durango (see map below)

Pre-paid passes and beginner class registration is available below or pay by check, cash or card. 6 classes: $90 

Pre-paid: 6 classes

Click HERE for our feature in the Durango Herald

Interested in booking a hula performance at your upcoming event? Looking for an usual and meaningful gift for a loved one, book a Hula O'Gram today.